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PV Panel - Inverter - Battery - EV Charger
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Solar PV

Solar PV Panels

Tier 1 panels that provide the best balance between value, performance and quality

  • Low profile
  • High Performance
  • Roof integrated


The main part of your solar system.

  • Converts solar from DC to AC so that is can be used in your home
  • Decides when your battery is charged and discharged
  • Provides system monitoring via App

Battery Storage

Add a battery to store your excess energy or provide energy backup in case of power cuts:

  • Market-leading performance and safety
  • LiFePO 4 Cell Technology
  • Active cell balancing
  • Modular design - future-proofing your investment
EV Charger

EV Chargers

Adaptive EV charger that takes power from the grid, solar or wind.

Just plug in and you’re ready to go.